The Curtains Fall

 It remains something alleged but can't be denied. It's a lot easier to convict a dead man. The silhouetted figures moved quickly and quietly shadowing the ancestors who were monitoring my spirit into the shrouded realm. The grave knows my concealment. Those years in the sanatorium revealed insights -- just like the infant veil lifted from my face at birth. My schizophrenia was a link to an altered mental state of psychic abilities influencing a mystical portal into the unknown. All demons live in an outwardly realm in need of a portal to enter reality.  My family knows, but nobody else will ever know because the records relating to my life were removed from the chronological archives and are now listed as CLASSIFIED. 

It sickened me that betrayal took place by the people I trusted especially after delivering a speech against lynching.  There is more opposition to civil rights than suffrage.   What I failed to realize is that White people stick together, and I was not in the loop after they found out.  The barriers I practiced and resisted finally gave in and fell, but this latest feat only scratches the surface of the Washington establishment's scandals and corruption of the now "militia system" of government.  America can never fully come to terms with the genocide and slavery upon which this country rests.

I may as well have been blown away by a "Tommy Gun." My friends...."They're the ones who keep me walking the floors nights!"  I was able to twist and turn like a pirouetting ballet dancer in front and behind the "color curtain" with a straight face.  It was always against the glare of the guilty conscience lights from which I emerged.  I will never live to see how the government wreaked havoc on its own.  Few have uncovered the fiendish plot, and the ones who have prevailed, eventually lay in a pool of blood or here in a heap of misfortunes written in the medical records as a "heart attack." The "Color Curtain" remains as the symbolic, ideological, and physical boundary dividing the US into two separate entities.  A nation divided against itself will fall.  Nobody can control the world if it can't control its own -- but then I'm not part of you anymore!