While growing up, we were never allowed to talk about the relationship to a US President outside of family gatherings because we were "Colored”, and Warren was "passing."  It was like harboring a fugitive--once found out meant certain accusation.  The government would "silence us the way they silenced Harding.
Was he poisoned by his wife?  Did he die of a heart attack or stroke?  Was he wiped out by the Mob?  We believe the US Government did a "1-2 elimination." The question remains:  Did he die at his own hand, a heart attack (on record), the hand of his wife or from a mysterious government conspiracy because of his BLACKNESS?
Government conspiracies were not uncovered in the 1920's by the press. Televisions, computers and sophisticated research activities to "hype or sensationalize" a report or story had not been invented. 
While growing up in the 1950's and 1960's we were told of our relationship to one of the US presidents.  My niece wrote an essay for her senior English class explaining the Black lineage of Warren G. Harding.  She explained...."He could only find work as a teacher in a 'Colored School' in Ohio in 1884--until he crossed the color line."  We were much older when we realized the magnitude of government investigations relating to his candidacy and office.  We always knew he was Black--We were cousins.
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Warren G. Harding and his First Cousins
Charity Malvina Harding Remsberg (1867-1951), Warren Gamaliel Harding (1865-1923) Mary Clarissa Harding (1868-1913)